Lauriston Primary School

Year 4 Federation Maths Challenge

Last Friday saw the inauguration of the Annual Year Mathematics Challenge that took place at Daubeney Primary School.

48 of the more able mathematicians from year 4 where chosen from across the 3 schools to participate in an inter-school federation challenge.

Children worked in teams of 4 through a series of mathematical problems and challenges. The children showed great learning dispositions and it was heart warming to see  attributes such as resilience, tolerance, collaborative learning, clear communication and the children’s reasoning and problem solving skills.

It was a rich rewarding experience for our children. The children were put through a series of complex problem solving tasks, that included a logic round, a cross-number round, a group round and a relay round. The relay round was a crowd pleaser as children had to answer 10 questions within 30 minutes. This round provided children with an opportunity to display their speed and accuracy. After a very competitive 5 rounds, Lauriston School emerged victorious with 330 points, followed in second place by Sebright with 264 points and a close third by Daubeney with 245 points.

It is hoped that this event will be rolled out to other year groups in the year ahead.

Congratulations to team Lauriston and well done to all of you for participating.



Lol - Daubeney came last,
Sebright came second,
Lauriston came first.

I was there lol.

#victoryforlauriston #victoryroyale

rosa - We were awesome!

Fowziyah - Yeah us Daubeney are the best Lauriston and Sebright are working hard

aziza daubeney primary school - That's our school

rosa - Everything was great!

Jethro - I loved it so much! Come on Lauriston! #️VICTORY

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