School Council Visit Local Art Studio

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James Golding - I have been involved in numerous public talks on the subject of mental health and art and have been interviewed on these subjects by numerous national newspapers. These things always fill me with dread in advance but i have to say I was especially nervous before presenting our print project fund raising idea to the school council, possibly because I was a pretty nervous kid at school and it brought back a few scary memories for me. The school council had such inspiring ideas and they made me feel so comfortable. They proposed numerous inspiring figures as potential portraits from Rosa Parks to the skateboarder Sky Brown. I was overwhelmed when they selected Marcus Rashford and Greta Thunberg as the subjects for the artworks that we will create as print editions to be sold to raise funds for the playground. Let’s not forget the wisdom of childhood and I hope that together we can collectively raise as much money as possible for the playground. Thank you to Robin, Louis, Natasha and Paige and of course the school council for being open minded and committed to this project. I am humbled and honoured to be involved.
James ( Raelin’s Dad ) from The Connor Brothers. More detailed, exciting info to follow. Happy Summer to all x

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