Lauriston Primary School

Spanish Champions 2017-18

We have new Lauriston’s Spanish Champions in 2017-2018!

Our Spanish Champions are pupils who LOVE Spanish and who always show their passion about learning the language.

They HELP other pupils and their teachers practising what we learn in Spanish class throughout the week in order to extend Spanish learning time.

They ENCOURAGE their classmates to use Spanish as much as possible in the school and at home.

Our champions always follow Lauriston’s Standards and are KIND to their teachers and to the other pupils in the school.

GRACIAS Spanish Champions! We feel so proud of you and your job is much appreciated.

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Sophie - I have never been a Spanish champion but I now go on languagenut everyday and hopefully I will make great progress. Unfortunately, I will not be in this wonderful school next year but I hope the Spanish has led me up to secondary school....Fingers crossed!

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