The Blossom Federation

School Prefects 2018

School Prefects 2018


Sophie - Hi, any parents or guardians wishing to send their child here would probably be looking into them having a great, happy & positive life. Our school Federation (Sebright, Daubeney and, of course, Lauriston) would be a great honour for your child. I am in year six, whilst here, you do all sorts of things, that push our abilities, add new friends to our lives and most of all make us enjoy school. For example - I am a prefect and went on a residential course for a week with yr 6, it was amazing.

Susie - I'm not at this school anymore but I wish I could be Xx miss being prefect ♡ miss that one on left hand top and the one at the bottom dearlyXxxx God bless them!

Finn - It's really cool being a prefect ♡

Sophie - I love being a prefect ! You do great jobs and help out around the school

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