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Lauriston Primary School

Year 6 - Shakespeare Rocks


Eddie - Great work everyone amazing performance

Amor - Watching this again and again crying and cringing, remembering all the effort put in to the massive success at the end of the it was hard but worth it 😂😂

Eva - Wish we could start primary all over again😢

Sophie new yr 6 - I was in year five that time !

Dylan - I remember this it feels like a lifetime ago now I'm in Mossbourne!

Charlene - Miss everyone crying whilst re-watchin

Charlene - OMG re-watching this and I cried lol love u guys and the teachers hope we do stuff like this in secondary(Mossbourne Victoria park MVPA)

Antonio - Great acting 🤣

Amor - I loved this play ! thank you teachers for the support when making this amazing performance!

Ann - We all had an amazing time preparing it and I will miss all my pupils

Charlene - Amazing play love all my classmates

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