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Year 6 Scots Pine Class Residential 2023 - Day 2

Year 6 Scots Pine Residential 2023 - Day 2

We rose bright and early at camp this morning and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day! We started off with our breakfast around the campfire. First a bowl of porridge with lovely toppings, followed by second breakfast of hash browns, beans and halloumi! There is always a chance for seconds and even thirds too - delicious! Next it was time to get ready for the day, sun cream and hats on and our teeth brushed! Today we'll be heading off to the nearby copse for some activities in the woods. Stay tuned!

Year 6 have had a packed morning so far! After a bit of free play, we walked over to the nearby woods for a morning of cooking - preparing our own lunches to cook over the campfires! We built our own fires and cooked ingredients over them to make our own wraps - delicious! We have also been so excited to have another special guest join us for the day! Everyone has been very happy to see him!

It's been a full and fun afternoon since lunchtime. After enjoying our wraps, (made ourselves cooking over the campfire!) we continued to explore the copse. Some of us enjoyed exploring the muddy bog while others went on a tree climbing adventure! After that it was time to head back to camp for some more free time around the campsite - but only after we all enjoyed some delicious ice lollies! We've just enjoyed a delicious snack of campfire- cooked carrot cake. Next up it's some chill out activities around camp, including art, bracelet making and music-creating. Then it will be time for dinner and our evening campfire!

As evening drew in, we enjoyed our choice of activities around camp. Some of us made bracelets, while others chose to play games. Some of us went to create art in the shady tent, creating amazing faces out of clay! We also enjoyed creating and playing musical instruments and doing some whittling! Dinner was a delicious meal of sausage and mash with gravy, followed by peaches and yoghurt. In the evening, we had a really special campfire. We walked back to the copse as the sun was setting, and held our evening campfire in the woods! We brought musical instruments with us, creating a musical procession and singing around the fire. Once the sun had set, it was time to get cosy in our tents and enjoy a good rest!


Iesha Myesha's mum - Smile baby and stop covering your face you got mummy fretting live you lots

Skylar’s mum - Thank you for all the photos you guys look like your having a blast
Skylar you are very missed at home 🥲💗

Leou’s mum and Dad - I’m thrilled see you all having a wonderful experience and adventure. also if it’s possible I would greatly appreciate if you could share any candid pictures of Leoul in the group as we would like to keep visual memories of this special experience.

Ollie J. - Well done everyone

Ollie J. - Lookes like your having a good time Year 6 Scots pine class

Evies Dad - Have a great day and watch out for stinging nettles. But you can always use a doc leaf

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