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Year 6 Scots Pine Class Residential 2023 - Day 1

Year 6 Scots Pine Residential 2023 - Day 1

And we're off! A very excited Scots Pine Class has set off on the coach headed to Kent! We'll be posting updates regularly across the day while we're away so stay tuned to see what Year 6 are up to!

We have safely arrived at camp! We were very excited to get off the coach and start exploring our surroundings. We started off with a walk through nature to the campsite! We all changed into wellies and enjoyed squelching through the mud. We stopped off on the way for a delicious snack of flapjacks and oranges. Plus we found time for a few games too! Then we finished our short walk to camp by hopping over a stile to arrive at our home for the week: Hobbs Hill camp! It's time for lunch before we get to know the campsite and get settled in.

We've been loving settling into camp! After lunch we spent time settling into our tents and exploring camp. We had an important lesson on how to set up our sleeping mats and bags for maximum comfort in the tents! After that it was time for tent time and chilling around camp. Lots of us enjoyed making the most of the tyre swing too! This afternoon we're looking forward to some fun activities in our clan groups. Each clan has come up with their own nature themed name too! Stay tuned!

It's been a full and exciting afternoon on camp. We split up into our clan groups for different activities around camp. But before that we made our bracelets representing how we will look after ourselves, each other and this place while we're here! Then it was time for loads of different activities! We made banana muffins, chopped wood, played games and went foraging for nettles to make nettle tea! We also enjoyed walking through nature seeing if we could spot wildlife. Now it's time for some free time before we gather for dinner!

It was a lovely first evening here at Hobbs Hill. Each clan takes it in turns to serve the meals and tonight it was the Boomberry Foresters clan's turn! We enjoyed a delicious dinner of spaghetti Bolognese followed by chocolate cake with hot chocolate sauce for pudding - yum! After dinner we had some free time before coming all together for a Ceilidh - we had great fun dancing and some of us even provided the music! Then we gathered around the campfire before heading off for our first night in our tents!


Me: Leoul - It was really fun thanks teachers! 😀😀😀

Zhovani's Nan - Hope your having a great time Vani

Leoul's Dad - Sup my boy I hope you having a good time out their with your frinds.have a fabulous time ;)

Myesha's mum - Looks like a lot of fun
Enjoy yourselves guys
Missing you 😢My love you lots,enjoy yourself to the max🥰❤

Ollie J. - Hope your having a great time Jimmy James

Ollie J. - Hope your having a great time Jimmy James

Eddie's Mum - Looks so much fun! Have fun everyone, miss you Eddie it's v quiet in E9 without you x

Senan's mum - Loving the updates, looks like lots of fun, creating happy memories for lifetime. Missing you loads. I forgot to pack your shower gel, so sorry. Sweet dreams 🥰

Leah’s mum - Have a brilliant time everyone ❤️

Bella’s Dad - Have a fantastic time Scots Pine!

Evie's sis - I mis you 2 much #Evieisthebest

Zeynep’s mum - have a great time and have a great time

Zhovani, nan - Hi Vani it looks great where you are. Have a fun time and take some pics, ok . Love & miss you💋

Vilte - June's mum - Lovely pictures, thank you for sharing! Kids will have a memorable time 😊Have fun! Lots of love 🥰

Leoul’s Mum - Have a wonderful time with your friends Leoul. Make great memories ❤️

Soraya - Sebi’s mum - Have a great time kids, looks so much fun!

Nanny michelle (jimmy-james ) - Jimmy-james see you’re so happy now told you it would be amazing …… hope you all have an amazing time x

Khanya’s mum - Lovely pictures, hope you’re settling well and having an amazing time.

Jimmy james step dad - Looks like your all having a smashing time.! Keep enjoying yourselves

Dez Williams - Hope you have an amazing time, enjoy and blossom x

Jimmy-James Mum - Have A Great Time Guys Make Some Amazing Memories!! 🩵🩷

Ummayyah mum - first time for some, 4th time for me once again saying goodbuy, will miss you, have a blast! I hope the rest of u and your friends make some brilliant memories, Teachers don't have to much fun, we know your excited aswel lol...:)

Aoife - James’s mum - Have fun! We miss you 😘

Charlie’s Mum - Have a fantastic time making lifelong memories 💖💙🙏🙏

Evies mum - Look after each other and have a blast! Lots of love ❤️

Louis Harris - Have a brilliant time Scots Pine!! Can’t wait to see all the photos.

Nanny Michelle - Jimmy-James have an amazing time with the rest of your class enjoy yourself and have fun x

Skylar’s mum - Hope you all have a great time! 💗

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