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Year 6 Scots Pine Residential 2021 - Day 4

Year 6 Scots Pine Residential 2021 - Day 4

13:33 We’ve spent our last hours at the camp very happily. We each made ourselves a sandwich for lunch, and took part in different games and activities around the camp. More of us were able to do some whittling, and others chose to relax or play games. Now we’re safely on the coach and heading home! See you soon!

10:41 We’re making the most of our last day on camp! This morning we’ve had some free time to enjoy being in the campsite and to reflect on our time here. We’ve also been making the most of the tyre swing while we still can! Next up are some more free flow activities before we hop on the coach home.

09:03 Day 4 has dawned at camp! This morning we began the process of packing our bags and clearing our tents ahead of the day’s fun. Year 6 did a great job of taking responsibility for their bags and sweeping out their tents. Now we’re enjoying our porridge and looking forward to our tasty second breakfast of hash browns!


Ms Julian - Looks great! Oak Class loved seeing the photos and the updates. Enjoy!

Michail Jarovoj - I wish, I was there... :) I love adventures in Nature, that is the best experience for kids. Thanks for sharing with us! Have a Great time!

Sarah Leipciger - Thank you for sending the photos, they look like they're having a brilliant time! Really lovely to see them enjoying the outdoors...

Andy Potter - Happy they’ve arrived safely. Lovely photos, have lots of fun!

Ela - Happy Adventures! Thank you for sharing their happiness with us! Stay safe x

Izadora - Thank you very much for sharing , wishing all lots of adventures.

Esther Valencia - Love the pics ?thank you

Sophie Duval - Thank you so much for the updates, it looks brilliant! Hope the weather is better than here..!

Lucy Daniel - Thank you for the photos, can't wait to hear all about it. Have fun everyone!

Petra Sellge - Thank you for update ! So excited for them !

Mr Harris - Good luck everyone! Hope you have a brilliant first day and learn some new skills and create some great memories!

Natalia F - Looks great! Thank you for sharing photos, have fun, dear Y6!!

Madeleine - Glad to see you have arrived - the campsite looks great! Have a wonderful first day!

Lorraine Groom - Have a fabulous time Scots Pine - so exciting!

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