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Year 6 Scots Pine Class Residential 2023

Year 6 Scots Pine Residential 2023 - Day 3

The sun has risen on our third day at camp! It's another beautiful morning and we are really looking forward to the day ahead. Breakfast was porridge followed by tasty pancakes - all gorgeous! We're now getting ready for a day in the forest by getting suncreamed up and making our own sandwiches for a picnic lunch!

What a lovely day we're having! Once we'd all made our sandwiches, we gathered to walk altogether to a new location: Keysden wood! It is a beautiful woodland and we enjoyed taking in the birdsong and smell of wild garlic as we arrived. We played a brilliant game called Boom-Shaka-Laka which we all enjoyed! After a few rounds of the game, it was time for lunch. We really enjoyed eating our homemade sandwiches! Now we're getting ready for an afternoon of activities in the forest.

We've been having a wonderful time in Keysden wood today! We have lopped and whittled our own hazel sticks, which we used to toast marshmallows for smores over the campfire! There's also been drama activities preparing for our performance tonight, and loads of lovely art activities happening in the forest. We've been loving it! We're now preparing to walk back to camp and enjoy our final evening at Hobbs Hill!

We had a lovely final evening on camp. After our fun filled day, we enjoyed a lovely dinner of chilli and rice followed by apple crumble and custard. Then it was time to give our performances that each clan had prepared! Each clan performed brilliantly on our lovely homemade stage - and there was a lot of laughter! We gathered for our final campfire and sang some campfire songs together beautifully. Then it was time to get cosy and settle down to sleep in our tents for the last night!


Zhovani's Nan - Hi Zhovani hope you had a great time. miss youxx

Khanya M. - Is it fun wish I was there

Ollie J. - Well done for making good Year 6 Scots pine

Evies Dad - Have a great day orienteering

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