Lauriston Primary School

Year 6 - Residential to Youlbury Scouts Adventure Group - Day 2

Update 1: After a hearty breakfast, Year 6 are out and about throughout the camp taking part in yet more activities! Despite a rainy start to the day, Year 6 have been backwoods cooking, team building and climbing! Now the skies have cleared a little while we take on shelter building, zip wiring and more.

Update 2: We had a tasty lunch and headed back out for orienteering, pioneering and abseiling, among other activities. The sun held out for a good while and there were lots of smiles and successes! The arrival of some thunder and lightning sent us back to our lodges to shelter and relax before dinner. There will be more games tonight after another filling dinner.

Update 3: A birthday celebration to finish off our lovely dinner. Happy 11th birthday to one of our pupils! The evening holds more wide games then off to bed.


Zayn - Soo cool wish I was there

Skye s - That was so fun thanks to all the teachers hope you had a lovely time too 🥳

Linh vu - Amazing experiences. Thank you!

kat and the mat! - Wow looks too much fun

Veronique Meautte-Evans - Fabulous pictures and thank you to all the teachers and staff for their amazing work!

Dolores - Muchas gracias a todos los maestros por informarnos día a día las actividades que realizan nuestros niños, felicidades

Miss Julian - I have just got back home from Youlbury - what an amazing bunch of kids we have at Lauriston I was really sad to say goodbye. They have all done so many exciting challenges, built new friendships, developed team work and grown up a little along the way. Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!

Elke Pettitt - Love the photos!!! Thank you for keeping us posted! It looks like they are having the best time ever! It's also nice to see that my son is still wearing the same outfit he wore on Day 1 - ha ha. I didn't expect anything different. Less washing for me :) Enjoy the rest of your stay all!

Aly Sharma - Loving all the pictures, they look like they are having a fabulous time. Thank you for posting, and thanks to all the hardworking staff for making this happen.

Selma Shirazi - Great work teachers! Please keep up the updates and wonderful photos... you are doing great work! I can see all the kids in the photos... no one is left out...🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👍🏼

Victoria field - This is amazing so lovely to see the children having a great time!

Meryem Gilgil - Happy birthday have great birthday 🎂

Lara Taiwo - Thanks for the update!! really good to see they are all fine and having fun trying new things.

Dolores Espinoss - Muchas gracias por enviarnos las hermosas fotos, los niños nunca olvidarán este evento.

Charlotte - That is GREAT!!!!!!
They look like they’re having a lot of fun!!!!!
Thank You for the updates!!!!

Collin Davis - Great to see them in a different environment and trying their hand at something different, looks like fun, keep up the good work guys...

Marcia Davis - Everyone looks like they are having fun. Thanks for the update 👍🏾👍🏾

Jo Macleod Sharman - Thanks for the great pics, looks like loads of fun!!

Bhupinder virdee - GREAT POSING !!

Vicki Miller - Lucky Kiddies! looks like loads of fun!

Rebecca Wells McDowell - Looks amazing thank you to all the staff I hope you got some sleep!!!

Dayami Amador Espinosa - Really nice to keep us updated. Wishing them an exciting time ahead. We'll done!

Clare - We're loving the pics! And cheering you all on from rainy London!

Mehmet Aygun Ozcan - Thanks for the update. They all look fabulous :)

Osagie Obadagbonyi - Thanks for the update. It's nice to know all is well and they are all having fun!

Selma Shirazi - Fab! Great to see them enjoying it all so much!!

Ines Weizman - yes, it is wonderful to see them in such exciting activities! With best wishes for better weather and great fun!

Elke Pettitt - Thanks so much for the update!! Looks like they are having a really fun time

Sam Traies - Fantastic, thanks for the update. It looks like a lot of fun!

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