Lauriston Primary School

Year 6 Residential 2018 - Day 1

After a two and a half hour journey, we arrived safely and in good spirits. Following a quick lunch and de-briefing, the children began their afternoon activities. Three exhausting but fun hours later they arrived back at base to tell the stories of their adventures. Dinner of pasta and meatballs was followed chocolate sponge and ice-cream- yummy! An hour of wide games and all children were ready for bed.

The exposure to outdoor learning was a great experience for all. Please enjoy the photos.


richie - So fun I want to go again

Amourey - Was really fun I loved it

Sophie - This was my favourite day ! You know why?...

Sophie - I am so pleased about that trip it's now Christmas break and the memory's are fresh in my head

Ali - I remember I got stuck on the zip line!! That was the best experience for me, I miss going.

Tia’s mum - WOW that is so amazing what everyone is doing

Charlene ( lauriston alumi ) - Hope you guys had an amazing time can't wait to go back to u all and hear all your stories. Have fun in year six work hard and you will reach the standard you have got the standard

Mia's Mum - Thank you so much for keeping and returning our little darlings home safely, my deepest gratitude to you ALL - Many Thanks.

Anila(klestas mum) - wow they look like they are having a lot of fun, well done everyone

Joanne, Finn’s mum - Thank you for all the lovely photos. It looks like there are lots of fantastic activities and they all see very happy.

Parent - So happy for them all.

Mia's Mum - WOW! It is nice to see our little darlings smiling and enjoying themselves - please keep these beautiful photos rolling #MEMORIES

Mia's mums - Mia we are so proud of all your accomplishment gained so keep up the good work! I would like to THANK ALL members of Staff that made this awesome adventure possible for our little darlings and a big Thank you to the Youlbury Staff.

Nicole (Ritchies mum) - It looks that they are having a good time more pictures god bless them all

Parent - Great pictures, so proud of our little adventures!

Soraya (Ruby's mum) - - more pics of our little darlings please! Looks like they are having a great time.

Nancy (Sam's mum) - Wow! Looks like they are all having a fabulous time - great to see so many of the kids conquering fears and being super proud of themselves!

fran - looks like they are having a great time. More pictures would be great

Parent - So glad to see all the children having fun.

Parent - Any group pictures - thus we can see everyone :)

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