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Year 6 Oak Class Residential 2021 - Day 2

Evening The rest of our day here passed very enjoyably. After everyone had had a turn playing games in the forest, learning to fire light, and painting postcards, it was of course time to squeeze in some much needed frisbee and tyre swing time! Our dinner this evening was a ‘self cook’: each clan worked as a team to build a fire, light it, and then use it to cook their own pasta sauces (recipe designed individually by clan!). We were also then responsible for extinguishing our fires. The self cook was a huge success and Year 6 took well deserved pride in their efforts! After dinner we got into our pyjamas and enjoyed even more frisbee time! Finally, it was time for our campfire to end the night. We got to enjoy a beautiful sunset as we sang songs around the campfire. Mr Hanratty led us on guitar and lots of pupils suggested songs and even took on solos! It was a lovely end to the evening before we settled in to our tents. We’re looking forward to what tomorrow holds!

14:57 The sun has continued to shine as we got on with the day’s activities! We’ve all taken it in turns to head to the woods, take part in some tree climbing and play some games! When not in the woods, each group has had the chance to learn about firelighting, and practice ahead of our ‘self cook’ tonight, as well as painting a postcard to send home! We stopped for lunch around the campfire, and even managed to squeeze in some more time for free play and the tyre swing!

11:24 The sun is shining on us here in Kent and we’re getting stuck in to another day of activities! After a tasty breakfast we made sure our bowls and plates were clean and washed. We started out by reflecting in our clans on what we’ve enjoyed so far and what we’re looking forward to. We also had a bit of free play time to enjoy the camp in the sunshine. After getting our sun cream and sun hats on we have headed off to take part in some more activities!

07:55 Good morning from our sunny camping spot! We were all up bright and early this morning ready for the day’s activities. Here are some lovely photos of our camp as the sun rose this morning. Now it’s time for breakfast! Every day starts with porridge and a variety of tasty toppings. Then it’s time for second breakfast - we’ll be well fuelled for the day to come!


Ms Julian - What an awesome bunch!! We had such a brilliant time. Oak Class have looked after themselves, each other and their surroundings! New friendships have been made and new experiences had. Thank you Oak for being so brilliant this week and a huge thank you to the TGC team and Ms Brooks for organising!! Have a fab half term.

Andy & Katherine - A big thank you to the Lauriston staff and CGT team for your efforts over the last four days.
Ruby informs us she and her classmates had a great time and made some fantastic memories.
They'll all sleep well tonight!

Violeta - Thank you for sharing the photos. Hope they are all having a great time, it looks perfect!

Kirsty - Can't wait to hear all your stories

Nancy (Harry’s mum) - Harry appears to be wearing the same clothes he’s had on since Tuesday ? less washing to do when he gets home I guess ?

Elizabeth (Nancy's sister) - I love you Nancy and all your friends! I hope you all have a Great Day!

khadijha (yusra mum) - loving all the pictures, glad your all having a great time .

Patsy (Sam's Great Aunt) - Want to hear more about leaf wrapping - sounds brilliant!

Leonie - So nice to see all of you out there! I hope the first night went well and have a great day today!

Natalie(Ava’s mum) - Looks amazing guys
Loving the photos ?
Hope you are all having a fantastic time❤️

Paula (Jasmine’s Mum) - Hey everyone. Love the photos.Looks amazing ! So happy to see you all having so much fun Look after each other and make the best memories ?

Racheal - So glad you all arrived safely and glad the children are settling in. Have fun guys ❤️

Elizabeth (Ahndiya's mum) - Happy you all arrived safely ?. Hope you all have a fun filled four days ?

Mr Harris - Looks like you've had a great first day Oak Class! I hope you're all having a brilliant time and creating wonderful memories. Looking forward to hearing what you've cooked for dinner tonight on the camp fire and what fun activities you have planned for tomorrow. Enjoy!

George (Bette's mum) - Amazing! Looks so much fun :-)

Jaye - Looks ace!! Hope everyone has a fab time x

Ozy - Have fun guys! Can’t wait to hear all about the weeks adventures :)

Andy Meyer - Glad to see you've arrived safely, now go make some solid memories Oak class.
The adventure begins!!!

Hope - So pleased you have all arrived safely! Love seeing the pics and look forward to further updates :)

Nancy (Harry's mum) - Looking forward to seeing all the photos! Have the best time, and enjoy making memories Oak class!

Kirsty Williams - Hope you all have the best time ever!

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