Lauriston Primary School

Prefect Applications for 2020-21

A prefect is appointed by the Executive Head teacher on the recommendation of the Senior management team and other staff. It is expected that prefects will follow and demonstrate the Lauriston Golden Expectations in their everyday lives.

Position objectives

  • To demonstrate independence, responsibility and reliability
  • To monitor the welfare of other students
  • To assist in the organisation of school activities and events

Key Tasks

  • To be a role model to other students


  • To wear the school uniform correctly and with pride
  • To behave in an exemplary manner
  • To demonstrate good work habits
  • To have good personal organisational skills
  • To be punctual and well-prepared for their responsibilities
  • To look after visitors to the school
  • To arrange facilities for school activities
  • To assist and direct parents who are attending school functions.
  • To report to Governors each term

Check list of responsibilities

  • To be a good role model for others in the school by manner, dress, overall appearance and general attitude to others.
  • To promote the correct values and standards of behaviour.
  • To help meet the needs of others by giving care and assistance to the pupils in the school.
  • To assist the staff in the dining hall.

Closing date: Friday July 3rd 2020

Application Form

This form is no longer available