Year 5 Panto 2021 - Peter Pan


Mae ( ex-year-seven-student ) - Well done Mr Hanratty

Leoul - I enjoyed performing and I was very happy to perform after a long time

Scarlett - I loved performing and a massive well done to everyone and a big thanks to Mrs Hepburn Mr Hanratty and Miss Smith for helping us get ready

Marta (ex-year-six student) - Well done everyone!
I really liked the song 'tic toc here comes croc'
Good luck with the next panto!!!

Khanya M - I love it and it was so honouring to have this opportunity to go up on that stage and be my best self. Well done everyone you were amazing and Arlene you were so supportive and Mrs Hepburn and Mr Hanratty wish you all a Merry Christmas🎄❤️❤️

Brendan Hanratty - Fantastic performance
Hearty congratulations to all involved

Mrs M Taplin - What a great show everyone was great especially our grand daughter. Gwyneth well done everyone. x

Rebecca - I absolutely loved the play and all the children did an amazing job, I am so proud of year 5. Well done all.

Arlene Adair - “Do you believe in fairies?” I certainly do now! This song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. These children were amazing! Well done Yr 5! I am so proud.

Nicolas - I loved performing!

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