Lauriston Primary School

Oi Frog! Read by Ms Symes


Lime Class - That was so funny and fun. Thank you for reading the story. What do crocodiles sit on? We think they sit on crocks, the shoes!

rudy - I like ducks

Sheila Symes - Ducks sit on.......pucks. Do you know what a puck is? See if you can find out :)

Freja and Rudy - The book was great my brother wanted to know what do ducks sit on

Sheila Symes - Hmmmm...that's a hard one. They could sit on gangsters. It nearly rhymes. After I read it, I had a think what I would sit on. Ms Symes sits on......limes!
What would you sit on, Rita?

Junior I am so glad you like the story!!! What do you like to sit on?

Junior - The book was great!

rita - What do hamsters sit on?

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